David Bau

David Bau is a software engineer for Google who lives and works outside of Boston MA. David currently works on Google Image Search. He also helped develop Google Talk, Google's IM and VOIP service.

In his free time, David writes small software like Heidi's Sudoku Hintpad and Chrome Reversi.

In the past, Dave has worked for BEA Systems, where he was inventor, designer and architect for the open-source XMLBeans project and related software. Prior to BEA, Dave designed Crossgain Corporation's web services development tool. The company was acquired by BEA in 2001 and the product became the award-winning Weblogic Workshop.

Dave has previously worked for Microsoft, where he was a core engineer on Internet Explorer (Trident team, 4, 5, and 6) and ASP.NET; he also wrote the regex package in the .NET framework.

Dave is co-author of a textbook on numerical linear algebra which he wrote together with his Cornell scientific computing advisor Nick Trefethen.

Dave is author of the open source search tool "Dave's Quick Search Deskbar," and he thinks more programming should be like his Realtime Javascript Editor (here's why).

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